Message of Principal

        I feel immense pleasure to convey my message to the teacher Educators and teacher- trainees of this esteemed college of Education where thousands of teacher-trainees aspire to be true teachers, in their glorious and prosperous future. All of you are the pillars of Education with immense strength and global quality of dissemination of education for all round development of human being.

        Teachers are the Architects of Nation building and the teacher-educators are the prime mobilizers of whole educational theories and methods for illumination of human resource development of the country .Perhaps it is the appropriate time for thinking about the education for rapid changing world in the 21st century ahead of us. True Democracy cannot be successful without effective education as we are living in the egalitarian and pluralistic society .So education should reach to the poorest of the poor people of the country.

        No Single objective of education can fulfill all the aspects of education .So many social thinkers contributed on education from their own viewpoints. But in practice, we are facing the Himalayan obstacle before us for spreading education in all spheres of society.

        But we should not halt at any moment. We must keep in our mind, the epoch-making message of Swami Vivekananda, ’’Uttisthata Jagrata Prappa Baran Nibodhata’’—Arise, Awake, devote yourselves till the goal is achieved. With all the difficulties, darkness, storm and desertic dryness we are all searching for a beam of light in tremendous darkness. You are well versed in your own subject of Teaching. Your spectrum of knowledge can be spread all over the world. You all possess immense power of influencing the students. You can visualize the dream that can awake the students and cannot make them asleep. You have the unlimited potentialities to be submerged into the deep ocean of the mind of your students and find out the greatest treasures of human talent .You can blow the fresh air of culture which will be flooded all over the humanity and can wash the superstition, narrowness of mind and the darkness of illiteracy. We are the successors of glorious freedom struggle of India.

         Friends, our work should flow from this beloved institution Mankundu B.Ed. College. ‘’Charity begins at home”. We shake our hands together, we share our joy and sorrow together,we can cope with all the challenges as a bundle of sticks together and shall elevate our beloved institution to reach the highest peak of success.

Dr. Priyabrata Pal


Mankundu B.Ed. College.